Deck Your Home

Posted by admin on December 1, 2023

This month, I’m helping everyone deck the roads in a car they love. But people don’t realize, I’m also great at decking homes. That’s right, I’m something of a holiday decorating enthusiast. And over the year’s I’ve collected some unique ideas to make your house more festive. Follow these tips and take your Christmas decorating to the next level. 

Pick A Theme—Have you ever wondered why Christmas catalog homes look so good. It’s theming. Now, you might be thinking, my theme is Christmas. But when it comes to Christmas decorations, they come in all types of styles and colors—like country Christmas, vintage Christmas, modern Christmas, beachy Christmas. Beyond that, holiday decorations come in different color schemes like red & green, silver & blue, and even pink. Picking just one Christmas theme and only using decorations in that theme will add a level of cohesion to your space that will leave people jolly throughout the season. 

Clear The Space—A lot of people like to overlay their holiday decorations on their current home decorations. But this can leave your space feeling cluttered and overwhelming. Before you start decorating, do a sweep through your house and pick up any kick-knacks, picture frames or dust collectors that are currently sitting where your holiday decorations will go. You can always put these decorations back up in the New Year. But for Christmas, your decorations will look even more impressive when they’re the only thing on display. 

Fill The Air With Cheer—Smell plays a big part in how people perceive your home. And while most of the time, it probably smells like whatever candle you’re burning, during the holidays you should kick that cheer into high gear. Consider getting a wall plug-in with a fun holiday scent like frosted cranberries, sugar cookies or peppermint. Plus, if you put up a real Christmas tree, your house will be engulfed in a fresh pine scent. If you don’t get a real tree, try hanging pine scented ornaments in your tree for the same effect. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment—I know it’s easy to pull out the same holiday decorations year after year and put them up in the same way you do every year. But this year, I encourage you to find a new way to display your decor. Maybe instead of hanging all your ornaments on the tree, you stick a handful in your coffee table bowl. Or instead of hanging your garland on the stair railing, you drape it over the fireplace. You never know what new arrangement you’ll fall in love with unless you try!

I hope these holiday decorating tips help make your home feel extra Christmas-y this year. And remember, above everything else, make sure you’re having fun while decorating.

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